The Abyss of Grief

Then from the cold abyss a cold hand appeared ,
and spellbound he watched as this mysterious hand takes flight,
and it was aimed at his heart.
At the threshold of his chest the hand points a finger and inserts in through his left rib cage,
and it finds its desired target, and with the flick of a wrist his heart was frozen.
Once it was frozen broken fragmented pieces of his heart where more visible, and it just simply shattered and that mysterious hand returned to the abyss as softly as it had come


Often grief comes on, unexpectedly, and it feels like you got punched by Floyd Mayweather.

Welcome to the sidelines with Donavan. Grief can be an abyss and together we will learn how to navigate it.

About Vanna

God is the source of my strength and because of this I have the desire and ability to move forward. I am convinced that we should "Live" until we die. In essence, live life with passion and purpose. I receive fulfillment when I encourage others to do the same. ***Please do not copy any material from this site without giving credit to this site. Thank you***
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