A Defining Pain

There’s a lot of moments in our lives that we could call defining moments. For example kindergarten graduation, starting first grade, middle school graduation, matriculating through high school, etc.

What do these defining moments have in common? They are accompanied by joyous celebration, encouragement for the future, and happy memories. We often remember these defining moments with distinctive happiness.

Sometimes defining moments aren’t so joyous. For instance the loss of a job, or a major breakup, or most heart wrenching the loss of a loved one. What do we do with these overwhelming and chaotic moments.

Jesus disciples had been fishing all night, and they looked a far off and see an unknown figure walking towards them on the water. They begin to be very afraid, Peter said master if its you , bid me to come to you. Jesus tells him to come. He begins to walk on the water as he approaches Jesus. The closer he gets he begins to focus on the wind and rue waves around him and he begins to sink. He says master save me or I will perish. Jesus reaches down and pulls him up. Often we are like Peter and feel like we are walking on water until the unthinkable waves and wind of life would seek to engulf us. Grief is like the wind and waves of the seas of Galilee. Like Peter we can cry our to Jesus and he will lift us from rye angry waves


About Vanna

God is the source of my strength and because of this I have the desire and ability to move forward. I am convinced that we should "Live" until we die. In essence, live life with passion and purpose. I receive fulfillment when I encourage others to do the same. ***Please do not copy any material from this site without giving credit to this site. Thank you***
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